Road Trip at the Speed of Shark by Jessica Peterson

(lame post title I know...)

This past weekend I took a little road trip with some friends who play in a band called Shark Speed. We stopped in Vegas Friday night where they played at First Friday along with Neon Trees from Provo as well. I really enjoyed the crowd which consisted of mostly girls who purposefully forgot their pants for the sake of todays fashion. After this night I my loathing for vegas turned into a slight like.

The gypsy den attracts gypsy dancers I suppose

Saturday morning we continued on to LA.
In a van with no AC, good people and great music.
I'm happy.

Saturday evening they played at the Mint in West LA. It was a really great show... Yay boys.
P.S. you blew Chris Angel outta the water, although I think you should take a fashion clue from him, gems on jeans are pretty hot these days.

This is:
(click image to enlarge)

Everyone drove back to UT today, I am sticking around LA for a few days. Holla!

Tuesday was today by Jessica Peterson

Miss Kelly and I went to the Griffith Observatory this afternoon.  I was shocked and disappointed in myself for not exploring the park a million times while I lived in LA.  I thought for a long time about how silly I am for always trapping myself in bubbles.  I guess I figure when I am living somewhere that there will always be tomorrow to see what there is to see.  I love Kelly for promoting adventures.  She is always up for exploring, museum slumming, shows, walks and most importantly seeking out the best food around with me.  Thanks Kelly. 

I have grown fond of photographing peoples homes lately.  This is Kelly and Marc's place in Atwater Village.  Blue kitchen with pink tile countertops and a drying rack.  

 The wall of photos and the green couches we all know so well. 

I like finding the little charming bits of people and their spaces.

by Jessica Peterson

Here are a few images from Last nights wedding.  Hansen and Ami Smith.  It's nice to have a bride and groom as relaxed and carefree as these two.  It was fun to photograph them and I was happy to be able to witness such a beautiful evening.