The Chocolate Beast on a Saturday morning / by Jessica Peterson

I have been finding more and more that it's the quiet and simple things that bring me happiness. Most of the time I forget to take things in, enjoy life, and love the things and people around me just as they are... imperfections and all.

Saturday morning and the Chocolate Beast.... What could be better?
Every morning I have been waking up and falling in love with the light that comes into my room. I have been dying to photograph it but haven't had time until this last Saturday. So here you have it, a piece of something I have fallen in love with.

I have to watch Max like a hawk or I will end up with one less pair of shoes or find lovely brown surprises to take care of. This means he is with me 24/7, even when I bathe. I find it hard not to want to keep these moments (even in the bathroom).