Sad Sappy Sucker / by Jessica Peterson

I just want to tell the people I love thank you so much for being there for me. Thank you Diana for always knowing what to say and do when I hurt, you were my saving grace last night and the only thing that made me feel safe today, thanks for being able to put your life on hold for me, know I will do the same for you.
My Gratitude list:
- Spring time, I am ready for shorts and warm nights
-My little house, I love it!
-Modern Medicine
-Max and his snuggles
-Art night and the two girls that show up every week
-Fluffy blankets and down pillows
-Cookies.... mmmm
-Remembering once forgotten memories... but only the good ones
-Loosing myself in nature
-Once again Spring!!! I can't wait to run around with bare feet, burnt shoulders and short lived summer flings.

Photo by Nicole H. Max is babe-a-lish (as Issac would say)