It's been a long month..... / by Jessica Peterson

I haven't posted anything in a while, mostly because both my home and work computers have decided not to work for me, thanks to Ryan and his brain my computer is up and running.  So, like my title states, I have had a long freaking month.  I guess I will post some pics to go along with my stories to make them more interesting, although I need to add some more pics later when I get to my home computer.  Near the beginning of the month some kids from work and headed to Moab for a photo shoot.  It was amazingly beautiful, our models just happen to be close friends of mine so it made the trip even better.  Here are some photos:

It was a great trip until we stopped in Green River to grab dinner, I ate the most delightful
 Navajo taco.   Two hours later I found my face stuck in the toilet where it remained for the next day until I turned yellow and white so I decided it was time to get myself fixed up nice n' good.

This is me during my first visit to the hospital:
Look close, my tongue is hanging out of my face, I love it.

Two Days later we board a plane to Hawaii...
Here are some shots from hawaii