"I wanna be apart of it..." / by Jessica Peterson

I did some mini shoots in T's apartment
T's feet 
A doll that he bought in a second hand store,
for some reason the doll became my muse and I fell in love with the 
jolly/creepy thing

Abby Models for me again.... Go stock!

Carrie comes for a visit and falls prey to the camera and
the love of the doll

Blooper reel... he he

T gave me a "rad" (for you Jane) gift
Neko Case.  She signed records for Travis and I  
You should read what she wrote, it's cute

Mom and I visit the Galleries in Chelsea
Yoko Ono Show was fantastic
  Mom taking a picture of me taking
a picture of her 

MOMA with Momma
Great exhibits
Blew my mind

A thousand moms
A thousand of Jessica arms

Chillin' at a mo party
 Drinking insane hot chocolate

In Dumbo after eating at the greatest pizza place on the planet
never happier

Lots of playing and lots of me winning

Always enjoying what we love so much

Travis is photographed in his place of employment

I have lots more to share but I am tired and need to go home, eat, clean and so some stuff