All Dogs Go To Heaven / by Jessica Peterson

Thanks Natalie for taking these images before I had to let him go.

I have never had to watch someone die, I know watching a pet die is in no way close to watching a loved one pass but it was hard. I wanted to be with him while they put him to sleep, I didn't want him to feel abandoned in his last moments. He was walked out of the room for sedation and wheeled back to me so I could be with him while they put him down. It hurt to see him so still, I have never seen him so silent, I wanted him to look at me but he could only stare straight ahead so put my face level with his for a while trying to record in my memory every second, I wanted to remember his aura before it left. After a few minutes I asked the vet to let him go, he struggled to breath for moment and he was gone, I was told that most of the time the eyes will stay open but he slowly closed his eyes. It was strange to say the least. I knew he was gone but I sat expecting him to lift his head at any moment and come to greet me.

He is happy now, I know this.