/ by Jessica Peterson

Take advantage of what surrounds you
I am trying to do this.

My dear friend Elna is in town visiting her family and I saw that her little brother had an awesome T-bird that was screaming to be photographed so I did what it asked and I am kinda loving the images more than I thought I could love images.

For the past 15 minutes I have been typing and erasing my thoughts. I hate when I edit myself too much. I guess I am not sure who reads this or what they expect to get from me. Do I really want to share my mini antics about what I am trying to get from life or how I make sense of the joy and pain I run through daily? I don't know. But it feels good to put something out there.

Todays Favorites:

Chris wearing kitty cat pajamas
Lunch with mom, I love when she laughs
The Diet Coke I will purchase when I leave work tonight
Being able to call the big spooner
The photos below, I feel blessed to be somewhere so beautiful and able to record it
My house is clean
Hearing both of my nephews voices on the phone. Oliver promised to paint me some art... I'm excited for it.


I need to go.