/ by Jessica Peterson

So, my step-mom has been throwing these huge party-weekends for the past few years for Thanksgiving. This year we had a chili contest, my chili tied for 1st place... we had a wii bowling tournament and ran the Turkey Trot 5K in Dana Point (Chris kicked everyones trash).
But last Friday she had rented the Science Center in Orange County.
It was pretty fantastic.

Chris and I in the spooky hall of Bats

Bed of nails.

Earthquake closet

Okay, here was the highlight of the evening, there was a huge pin wall that kept us entertained for a good hour or two.

Me and Chris

Chris, Jimmy, my body, nicks face above my body (thank goodness!)

T made a wall of T-faces.
He's so vain.

Everyone in the group, if you can pick me out I will give you a dollar.

Cutest little hands.