/ by Jessica Peterson

I am missing max.  Here I only have one pillow at night and it's used for my head, at home I have at least 5 pillows surrounding me at night so every which way I turn or toss there is something soft for me to hug.  I'm having trouble sleeping.
I am about to walk to Central Park and practice taking photos.  It's going to rain soon so I should hurry.  But let me vent first... Once again, I was running around the internet and peeking into photographers sites, It was inspiring and discouraging at the same time.  I want more for myself, I want to be shoot and not worry if it will make me money for a hamburger the next day (blast you reality!)  Some people get to shoot for themselves. 
Last night I dreamt I went running with no shoes, The dream began with me walking home from my old high school with some old friends.  I decided to take my shoes off and continue home on my own while the two other girls stopped to play checkers on a dome shaped chalkboard that sat in an old mans front yard (?).  I had no shoes and the sidewalk was torn up, my feet bled and cut then I wanted to run so I did.  I passed the the gas station and thought about getting sour candy (my staple even in my dreams) but I had no shoes on, I couldn't go in.  When I got to my mothers house my dog althea was alive (she died this past fall), she is always alive when I dream, the neighbors where outside, we were all cleaning our homes, there was mention of pink cupcakes, I had no shoes and we spoke of the depression we are in. 


Well.  I should go.  I am excited.