/ by Jessica Peterson

I know I look like the crazy aunt with all these pics of my nephew but oh well... I love the kid and I am going to enjoy the time I have with him, especially before he turns into a grumpy teenager who is much to cool to love his lame aunt.
Thomas the train. He likes choo-choo trains.
Let's all go back to the days when it was the small, inexpensive things that we loved, where we would rather run around exploring everything around us rather than sitting on our butts eating fast food and working hard to ignore how amazing things really can be. Let's do it! Come on, let's forget about the crap economy (who needs that new car), let's sell our couches and dining tables and have indoor picnics every evening, let's make home-made butter out of cream and spread it on home-made bread and be satisfied even though it is not a big juicy hamburger. Let's find reasons to be happy, still take care of things, but not let the hard times effect us so much. Why waist this time.... I hope I can take my own advice.

I love the way he loves his stuffed animals. He kisses them all the time. We just picked up this doggie and he wouldn't let it out of his sight.

Max and I at the park.

I will admit, Tucson has grown on me. In fact I have a love for it now. Everyday I brough Max and/or Jimmy to the near by park and it felt so nice to be in the sun. I felt better there in that park than I have felt in months. Maybe when I die and go to Heaven it will be one gigantic park with beautiful trees to sit under, my own personal diet coke fountain, a variety of cookies always at my side, a pen and notebook, and loved ones are always visiting my park. Let's hope.