On Wheels / by Jessica Peterson

This morning I walked outside of the apartment and the first thing I saw was this huge bus parked on the street.  There were all these people in orange vests walking around the bus with leashes attached to puppies and doggies, of course I went over to see what was going on. It was a animal adoption center that ventured out on wheels on the weekends to find homes for the homeless pets.  I met with one of the ladies that was fostering this adorable black and white mix, she was so sweet and calm, all I wanted to do was take her with me.  Inside the bus there was a wall of kennels, inside each compartment was the most tender creatures I have ever seen, I am guessing they were all drugged to be acting so polite. 

How is it possible to own a heart that melts and breaks at the same time?
What a wonderful idea.  I am grateful for the people who volunteer their time to help out. 
I had to pull myself away from the bus after a while.  I keep thinking about them, I hope they find happy homes to be apart of.