Chelsea Galleries / by Jessica Peterson

I did the Chelsea Galleries today,  I didn't last long, it was 24 degrees and my boot grew a hole so my foot caught a cold.  I was very selective and unfortunately didn't get to see all that I wanted to see.  But what I did see was amazing.

Showing at the James Cohan Gallery was Simon Evans.  This was one of those experiences where your heart stops and the mind go one thousand miles per hour and you feel that this world is in it's right place for just once... in other words, I really liked what I saw, now that I am thinking about it this guys pieces remind me of me at my oddest hours, (narcissistic? possibly, but aren't we all?) .  Words, lists, the nothings that make us, us.  I left feeling okay about myself and I am more than okay with that.

This one made me smile a lot

These two are digital images by... oops, I don't remember.  That's okay because I didn't like them that much, but I did like what he wrote about this top image-

I want to throw them away, but I can't
These objects have been around me all my childhood
I used to hate them, now I feel attached to them
This could be the sideboard in our living room
I want to throw them away, but I can't.

-Souvenir #6

This is most likely relatable to most people.  The stuff we carry around.  Why? Sometimes I just hold onto things for too long, it's a dead memory and part of myself I would feel guilty leaving behind me.  

This next one was called "this is what I would have looked like as a child" or something like that... it just caught my eye.

And I bought with my eyes this book. Drop Dead Cute.  Female artist, female centered. Loved it.