maX-RAY / by Jessica Peterson

Last night around 1 in the morning I was sitting half asleep infront of the TV when all of a sudden Max's head starts to tremble violently, at first I thought it was a bizarre yawn but when jerking didn't stop my heart stopped and I began to panic. I just broke into tears, sobbing and scared I imagined that this friendship may be a temporary one. I swear I was living one of those nightmares when you try to call for help but you have no voice to shout with or the phone in your hands wont dial the right numbers... I called nearby friends for some sort of reassurance and so I wouldn't have to panic by myself. No one answered. I then tried to google a 24 hour vet care but the internet wouldn't work and when it did the search kept guiding me in circles. After 20 mins of attempting composure we got into the car and drove to the 24 hour care. when we finally got to the clinic Max was back to normal. We sat in the entrance for a while then decided it would be better for my wallet to wait until the morning since he seemed fine, maybe he would be better by then.
We drove home, settled down and then the shaking started back up again. I just held him while he shook until he fell asleep, then I slept. I woke up to a the trembling and the chattering of teeth in the morning so I brought him in again. Max had some x-rays done to see if this was caused from the sewing pins he munched on last sunday evening.nothing. The doc hadn't seen the tremble so I showed him video of it, he then said it seems to be neurological and he would have to do some research before he knew what to do.

Max is next to me asleep now. I have seen him tremble a few times tonight. I am hoping it will go away.

Does anyone know what this could be?