/ by Jessica Peterson


was amazing because:
I woke up in the presence of two of things that make me the happiest and then met with some friends for lunch. It's nice to have genuine girlfriends to talk with. Emily from my old RB job and Elna is a longtime family friend. 

And of course, cupcakes for the kiddos and especially this big one. Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank is pretty awesome. 

Kelly and I walked Melrose looking at cloths and people. We stopped by Marc's office which is pretty much my dream office, a creative and friendly environment that encourages employes to bring their doggies. 

Below is a dog that was abandoned around the corner from the office, some lady had a litter of puppies and was tossing them around town like trash.  This little one was thrown over a fence into an alley. Some people are crazy. 

Marc and Kelly

Doggie taking a little pee

We met up with Sabine and spent the afternoon drinking tea and talking about school, where we have been and where we are going (circles mostly). Not many people know what my school experience was like, it's really nice to be able to talk with these two about it.I feel like it was all some sort of bizarre dream until I am with these two and the world that has been shut away for so long becomes alive again. 

I didn't know Kelly was doing this until later.  Thanks, I love you too.

The rest of the evening was great.  I had dinner with an old friend. He is one of those people who you walk away from with a good feeling in your heart because of their warmth. Once again good company.  I wish there were more people around like him. 

Nick and I went to the Magic Castle late that night.  Unfortunately the only dress I have with me at the moment is a frumpy, wrinkled purple dress that belongs on a doll rather than a grown woman.  I needed something a little more "sophisticated" and was forced to turn to my sis-in-law for help.  To give you an idea or our differences in size, I am 5'5 and a nice, healthy number of pounds, Hillary is 5'0 and at least half my weight.  Needless to say the onl thing that would fit over my fleshy body wad one of her matternity dresses.  Good thing Hill has good style cause the dress was hot and it looked pretty good on me. The magic was amazing and the atmosphere was priceless. 

I was supposed to go home today but I am awesome and left the lights on in my brothers car while visiting Art Center.  The car was deadt, time was short and I had to say good-bye to my flight. I now fly back to UT tomorrow.  I don't know how I am feeling about it. Good I guess.