This week: Los Angeles / by Jessica Peterson

Friday I flew to Los Angeles to photograph a wedding.  I have found that Southern CA has become a magic place to me once again.  The time away from it has made me see it with fresher eyes. 

Staying at my brothers house.  I have been sleeping on the top bunk in the kids room.  The first morning being here woke up to Oliver reading a book in a quiet whisper then I fell back asleep.  Awhile later I here him say to Abby while she was still asleep in her crib, "Abby, do you see Jessica?  I love her so much."  After he said that I had to get up and hang out with the kids.  I took some photos of them that morning while we played hungry hippo and blocks.  I saw the book on the floor that Oliver had been reading and I asked Oliver to read it to me, he said "but Jessica, I already read it to you while you were sleeping." 
I thought that was beautiful.  

Oliver with Panda, my dad brought this to the hospital the day Oliver was born and he has been in love with it since.