/ by Jessica Peterson

"Hey.... You.... Guys...."

Emily, I am hungry, let's go get some lunch.  
Kelly,  The Getty is closed today, let's go tomorrow.
Mom, be safe driving and I love you.
Oliver, thanks for asking me to sing to you last night so you could feel better.
Kat, your baby is beautiful.
Hillary, thanks for having me over for so long, I know I am a burden.
Claire, thanks for watching Max, sorry he is such a butt.
Michelle, I am in town but not forever.
Dave C, we will have dinner.
Dad, I will see you soon.
Ash, get some sleep.
Faubus, let's make some money.
World, send me a laptop with cs4.
Diet coke, stop teasing me.
Disneyland, I want to visit soon.
Travis, sell my camera for me.
Mel, let's pick-up on skinny boys at the beach this weekend.
Utah, be good. 
D, miss you.
Jess, take shower.