/ by Jessica Peterson

I have been spending a little time with this great girl who is super energetic and passionate about photography and learning more about it.  I have been sharing with her a little of the little I know and it has been a lot of fun.  I have been giving her assignments to help aid the creativity process.  Yesterday I gave her the assignment to carry her camera with her for a full day.  She was to photograph everything and anything, no censorship, no rules, just photograph her world, what inspires her and what she sees.  

I felt like doing the same.

These happened when I did the dishes and fed Max

Outside my kitchen window I have been able to watch the seasons change.  There is one plant in particular that I love, the buds start at white, turn yellow then green... the yellow is my favorite.

Carrots.  Beautiful things. 

They began having personalities of their own.

Night crawler



Left out

he he.