Paper and Process / by Jessica Peterson

Yesterday I found a coupon for Robert's Craft in my mailbox for 50% off of one item and 30% off on paper... I think I have already expressed my love for paper on here but I'll do it again... I love paper, I would rather go shopping for paper than clothes, I could spend hours in a craft store debating over which sheets to get and if I should get two so I wont have a hard time using one.  It's a big process, as is buying my pens, razors, and cleaning products, I run through variables multiple times until something feels perfect for purchase.


These are the sheets I got.  I think this has been my favorite selection I have ever made.  I bought 1 of each.

After the craft store I bound some books with the new paper.  I Love binding!  I love the process.  I love designing, cutting, sewing, gluing, pressing, waiting, cutting some more, gluing some more, smashing, smoothing, pressing and waiting.  Then after the book is done drying I open the cover, hear the glue from the spine crack into place, examine for imperfections and accept them, feel through the pages and unstick the stuck ones, close the book, admire the book and give it away.

3x4'' little cuties.