Trees and Chickens / by Jessica Peterson

This afternoon I while sitting in the dining room eating Natalie's yummy brownies I saw the neighbors chickens take over the yard.  I wanted to take some pictures so I slowly crept up to them.  Most ran back to their coop to hide but some were more trusting and hung out with me for a while.  I ended up walking around forever looking at all the things I have missed before.  It had been raining all morning, everything was dripping with moisture and color.  I found myself walking slowly, watching everything like it was something new to me, I felt like Alice in Wonderland for a moment, in a different world steps away from where I am everyday.

I feel old when I feel like this, I feel like my mom when we would go hiking years ago.  She would stop and feel the grooves in each tree and tell me their names and why she likes them so much, she would be so fascinated by old Indian trails and the connection of past worlds with ours, she would keep walking to see more and I would fight to turn back so my lazy self could sit in the air conditioned car.  I always thought she was such a hippy.  I love her.

Through the lens these looked like hanging veins.