One Million Billion Pictures / by Jessica Peterson

Ummm.... Maybe I am bias but I must have the cutest nephew and niece. 

 The best hair on the planet

This one kills me it's so beautiful. 

Oliver makes a fire and is sad that it wont light up... maybe next time ?

Oliver's treasures 

Abby gives Hill her flower

These are rad... They wanted in so bad. Once again I can't help but think of my brother T and me as kids when I am around these two.  

Tonight Oliver snuggled up to me before he went to bed and he said,  "Jess, why are you leaving tomorrow?"  I told him that I had to go back home to take of things, then he said, " but Jessica I love you so much."   

Oh how I will miss them. 

Dear Lord, Please send me a jet so I can be everywhere at once.