Paper And Ink Have Special Relations / by Jessica Peterson

I have been drawing quotes and thoughts in my book lately
I had to share this toe one below and a few others while I am at it.

Yesterday I was sitting with Oliver and my feet were up on the coffee table.
Oliver says to me, "Jessica, where did your toe go? What happened?"
He was referring to the gap between my big toes and the pointer toe (??).

Oliver drew this of me... I look so happy and I LOVE my big, long fingers and hands.

Practicing shark drawings

and some more

I drew this right before we shaved Jordan's beard for that time lapse a few days ago

I wrote this after my mom told me that max tried to find a "way out" of the yard under the porch to get to me after I left the house one afternoon, he got stuck and she had to fish him out...

Church drawings... Honestly I can listen better when I draw... I promise.
My 3 dogs.

Thanks for letting me share.