Thank You Steph.... / by Jessica Peterson

For being so beautiful and sweet.
Yesterday I photographed Stephanie Dunn, she really is such a sweetheart.  My pictures don't do this girl justice.  
Here is Baby-Kitty... (thanks Marnie for letting use him).  Baby-Kitty really was the tenderest thing, he was such a snuggley kitty and loved being right next to us as if he were ours.

eeeee.... the cutest...

Kitty looks like a little bear in this one with his mouth agape.

While I was shooting I was thinking to myself that I wish I could go back to me 7 year old self and tell me that  I would be photographing kitties for work as an adult, I would have been stoked... I am stoked now. he he... 

 Remember Kitty from a few posts back?
Here he is again.  He seriously has been hanging outside of my house just waiting for me to come out.  I didn't mind at first but he has started to get aggressive/possessive and it wasn't so cute.