I can't live without: / by Jessica Peterson

Pilot Hi-Tec-C Pens. I really can't do anything without them. I have OCD about a couple of things and using these pens is one of them. I usually stock up on these little babies at Art Center and I make them last to the last drop of ink. I honestly can't use anything else.

And of course these things. I just bought a new one this morning (joy).

I will also add to the list:
Diet Coke (as i sweetly sip on one at this very moment)
A car full of gas and a far off destination- windows down please
Cookies with chocolate chips inside
Internet with all of it splendor
The dog
My music
Minty gum and sour candies
Mountains and Lakes and Trees
Witnessing large crowds of birds in flight
Pointing out akward people with akward characteristics
Laughing till the tummy aches
Good illustrations and pop art
Genuine people
Avacados and chips