Jessica's Wish List / by Jessica Peterson

Has anyone read the "Secret"?
Well I watched it one morning about a year ago, the movie promised that if I had a positive attitude and kept what I "wanted" in my mind all the time then I would get it all.  That day I decided to try it out and see what would happen.  I told myself that my lunch that day would be amazingly perfect, I met with Ryan at Indian Palace for the lunch buffet. Like I had promised myself, it was a perfect lunch until I picked up the naan from my plate and found it to be crusty and cold... no good right?  So, I wished in my head with all my power that I would get fresh naan and it would be so soft and so warm, seconds after I wished this a man walked up to our table and held out a basket of warm naan to me, I smiled and laughed and I knew good things were about to happen.

The next day I forgot all about the "Secret" and my plans for becoming a billionaire by 30.

Until today...

Universe, This is what I would like...

A green yard with purple flowers and a veggie garden full of tomatoes to put in my sandwiches and pumpkins for my kids to pick at Halloween

Books and couches
An orange fridge in my kitchen full of my awesome cookie dough and cold milk, avocados and leftover casseroles.

A space for escaping to read and draw and take naps 

To have a home full of life and people and color

For light to always be welcome in my home

Okay... maybe this will never happen but I will put it out there anyway.  A sexy dude to carry me outside to our majestic desert backyard into a hot tub every evening to watch the sunset... (hey, a girl can dream right?)
And this.  Because dogs and kids are a great things to have around.

I really suggest you all do the same.  I think we all sell ourselves short by not figuring out what we want and working for it.