Day 11: I've had better. / by Jessica Peterson

This morning Claire and I took a bus from DC to New York.  It was a long bus ride, a little too long.  

To pass the time I did this 
Made a list of my current favorites in my book
Here they are

-Gifts wrapped in brown paper, anything wrapped in brown paper really
-Sleepless nights that are taken advantage of
-Writing my thoughts of phrases really big on paper to make them last
-Friendly bus drivers
-Wearing mustard yellow and orange at the same time
-Songs about the moon
-Reviving dead friendships

Took this from the window
Claire writing in her book... (look it's my pen!)

Pretending to sleep + me texting 
So much going on right? Sorry for the lack of photos...

I know this isn't the prettiest photo but I love the sun and I love when it peers over the earth and spills itself into my camera.

In New York:
Tonight I we went to a party, but first we needed to eat.
T sits by himself, Claire and I pretending to have more fun than we are actually having.  

Dance moves in the hallway make me the funny girl I am
The party was a bust (sorry)... But we tried.