Day 3: "from the snow?" to AZ / by Jessica Peterson

I flew to Tucson AZ this afternoon to visit my brother Jimmy and his family and my good friend Kat.  
My brother told me that when he explained to my nephew Jimmy who hasn't seen me since last winter was coming for a visit he said, "Jessica from the snow?"  

From the plane.  
Shadows from the clouds.

Kat picked me up from the airport.  Kat is one of those friends who I can go for months and months without talking to and the minute we do it's as if we had seen each other the day before. I love Kat, we have known each other since the 5th grade and have been through all stages of life.  We seem to always make fun of our teenage selves and the ridiculous things we did as 15 years and the people we know who still act like they are 15. 
I admire her, she is a fantastic mom to her two kids and whenever I see her she feeds me like an Italian mamma.  Thank you Kat! 

This is Jack, Kat's little dude (her little girl was asleep or there would be pictures of her here too). 


-Paid 16 dollars for a crap salad and diet coke at the Burbank airport
-Ipod froze the second I turned it on and never recovered, forced to listen to the disturbingly gross couple behind me on the plane
-Ate homemade cookies and milk
-Pathetically teared up while reading the bedtime story "I will love you forever" to my nephew before putting him to sleep.