Day 6: Already / by Jessica Peterson

I am sitting in the airport in Phoenix.  I have 3 hours to kill before I take off to New York... Yay for Red-eye flights! 

In in Out.  Yum.
Little Jimmy asleep in the back... so cute with his little monkeys.  I will miss him so much.

Trains... I am really bummed my camera batteries died and I wasn't able to take many more photos while driving from Tucson to Phoenix.  

We spent the afternoon driving and driving in circles and loops, all going bonkers in the car looking for something to do or a park to play in.  We took a tour through Scottsdale and I will have to say it was a great little city... a little like LA or at least the people resembled LA (fake boobs and lips and all).  I liked it and will have to go back one day with more time.

I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning!