Day 7: Eat, Sleep and walk / by Jessica Peterson


-Red-eye flight, no good.  I couldn't sleep due to a mixture of the man in front of me  making snores like the flapping lips of a woopie cushion and the men on each of my sides claiming the arm rests. Wanted to pull my hair out. 
-Claire was at the airport in NY to greet me.  Lovely.
-Slept the morning away on T's futon, catching up on lost sleep so not to be grumpy for the rest of the day.
-Shake Shack burger for this evenings meal, worth the hour long line (better than DisneyLand... maybe)
-Carrie comes to say hello, having friends in all of these places has been so much fun, it's like finding 2o dollar bills in couch cushions and old jeans, they are tucked away for a while but when found they are oh so great.
-walked and walked and sometimes we ate things.

before the greatest nap ever napped.

Me, Claire and Carrie.