Day 8: loved ones / by Jessica Peterson

Today was an exceptionally great day! 

Diana and Jon are visiting New York from San Francisco and we met up with them for lunch and a show. 

The table

 At lunch.
I had a chicken bone and cartilage enchilada (no joke, no good)
and then... we saw the taping of The Daily Show!  It was really great, especially because Matt Damon was the guest (did anyone see it?)

D, I love you! It was so great seeing you!

Later in the evening we head south to eat and play at Fat Cat (no, not the cheesy bowling place in Provo).  We had such a great dinner, we ate at this little American dive called Westville (Yummy) we shared mac and cheese for an app and I had a chicken salad sandwich that tasted like heaven.
This is Claire's first taxi ride.

At Fat Cat
we were posing as anime character, can't you tell.
Travis and I, we kinda look alike right?

I win sometimes.

Like I said it was a really great day.  
We are hoppin' on a bus tomorrow morning and heading to DC! 
I love long bus rides, it's a nice excuse to just think, stuck, quiet and the earth around you keeps moving. It should be great.

I just realized I wrote the word 'great' like 15 times, tomorrow I will find a new word, I promise.