Day 9: Bus to DC / by Jessica Peterson

This morning Claire and I took a bus from New York to DC.  It was a really nice ride and I got a lot done (if a lot done is drawing and writing in my book).  This is the first time I have ever been to DC, I like it, I am enjoying the history and depth that the city holds.

Also, Claire and I have been practicing the "Secret", putting good vibes out into the Universe to let it know we are ready for good things to happen and luck to be on our side, and good news, it has been working! How and why you ask?  Here are a few examples of the beautiful things that have come our way...
-we were technically late for our bus this morning but made it seconds before it left!
-at the metro station we were in line to buy new passes and this man walks up to us and gives us 2 passes for free!!!
-we drank free hot cocoa tonight after being stuck outside in the cold
-we had pizza twice today (okay, maybe that doesn't seem like... but hey, I like it!)
okay, i guess that doesn't seem like much but these little things have been such a blessing.

Pictures of us on the bus...

In DC we met up with Claire's good friend Naomi, she introduced us to this great pizza place called 2 Amy, which was fantastic! (thank you Naomi)  

Claire and Naomi being extremely gorgeous 

And then we do something I absolutely love, eat treats.  Across the street from the pizza place was this adorable bakery called Something Sweet (I recommend it if you are in DC), the people were so nice and the cupcakes were so yummy.  

Lemon cake! My favorite!

I fell in love with this little car, my favorite color!

Later on we met up with my friend Victor.  I have known Vic for over 10 years, he is the greatest, we have a special bond because evert one of our friends from the old days have all grown up and graduated to married-hood.  Oh Vic, you are the dearest!

I was so excited to see the sights, seeing them in the night atmosphere was so romantic.

Beautiful day, beautiful people, beautiful sights.