Day Not Sure / by Jessica Peterson

It has been 3 days since my real post... I am going to try to catch up but it might be a little much.  Let's try it  out.

So there has been a lot of window shopping.  Kate's Paperie, always a great time.  Here are some paper masks Claire and I took for a spin.

Yesterday afternoon we had a girls outing.  Brunch at Alice's Teacup , it was so cute and so good, then we did some window shopping and visited the Farmer's Market at Union Square.

(Naomi, the tomatoes remind me of your tic tacs in this photo)

That evening Bingo Night! 

No one won. 

This morning Claire, Hanna and I did the Chelsea Galleries, hours of walking and we only got to a small handful of spaces.  Here are some of m favorite bits of today:

Milk Studios, There was a beautiful show of Sam Haskins work, there were my favorite photos

Maya Lin instillation pieces based of the earths surfaces.  

Ooops, don't know who this belongs too but I like it. 

Our little crew for today 

Anyone recognize this guy?  I will give a candy bar to the first person who knows
And there he is again.

Brooklyn Bridge.  

Click to enlarge this one, I made a little 360 landscape. 

Pizza at my favorite place and ice-cream at the pier... Life doesn't get any better.
  Sometimes I feel like I should be a little more grown-up but then I do things like this...
like Give Kalvin lightning arms
um... maybe I will regret posting this in the morning but oh well, sorry.
And give Hanna wings.

Well, I am still loving the way things have been turning out.