I'm gonna ride... / by Jessica Peterson

I have already reserved 3 flights so far with my All-You-Can-Jet-Pass with JetBlue.  
My first destination will be LA for a few days, I will be visiting Oli and Abs (the cutest nephew and niece sibling team on the planet).  I think we will be going on a treasure hunt while I am there.  Next I will hop on a plane in Burbank and land in Tucson AZ.  There I will hug little Jimmy (maybe the longest hug that will ever exist), see Kat's new babelet and run naked through the desert.  After a few days in the AZ heat I will be headed to NY.  Oh how I love New York!  New York will hold endless adventures and photo making extravaganzas... (Oh dear, my heart is beating through my chest and out into the open air). 
I plan on bouncing around the East for a bit... If you want me to come visit let me know and I will be there.