The day before Thanksgiving day / by Jessica Peterson

Yesterday was busy, I photographed the entire day but unfortunately I can't post the images. But I have all of these to share!!! I downloaded my new favorite app on my iphone, shake it. So great, it takes imitation polaroid pictures on your phone, great for me because I get insta-cool photos without spending hundreds of dollars... Sorry Polaroid, I just can justify 3 dollars a shot, but if you bring the prices back down to normal I promise to delete the iphone app...(maybe).

So, I am in San Juan Capistrano for the holiday.
I'm under the weather at the moment but hopefully my body is playing a trick on me and I wake tomorrow healthy and happy.

What I did today:

bathroom tile...

some feet, maybe mine

the pool, its warm like a bathtub

drive to the beach

windows are down

best moment of the day

or maybe this was

my knees and the sun

water and salt


the first time I have ever viewed seaweed as beautiful

evening games with the brothers

the monopoly game, I lost.