The best day ever... / by Jessica Peterson

Not really but this is what made me happy today.

I slept in (shouldn't have made me happy because it is one of my resolutions to not be such a lazy ass)... anyway, I slept in which felt nice because I was up late last night. I missed my church meetings (also no good). I went to a friends church that started later in the day. When this was all over and I was on my way home my tummy told me it was very hungry, I told tummy to not get too excited because I knew I had nothing of greatness at home to grace it with. So I get home and to my surprise I see 5 ice cold diet cokes sitting in the snow outside my house, strange I know (Max had pulled them out of the garage and all over yard last week to revolt against his house-banishment) So, I gathered the cokes like a hen gathers her chicks, took them in and gave them a quick bath before their consumption (gross maybe, but oh so worth it). I open the freezer with little expectation of finding something to go with my Diet Coke and then there they were, my soul lit up like Oliver's did on Christmas morning... A GIANT BOX OF TOASTER STRUDELS! A.) I am not sure when the last time I have had a Toaster Strudel was, I am guessing it has been at least 15 years and B.) I had no idea they even made Toaster Strudels these days. I ripped that box open, examined the lovely preserve laced pastries and the adorable frosting pouches all lined up so bravely. I placed them gently into the toaster and watched them slowly descend down into the black cavities of warmth and when they returned I drizzled that sugared frosting on them like there was no tomorrow and I ate them... I ate them real good.
It has been a good day.


This really hasn't been the best day ever, actually it is a 4 on a scale of 1 to 10. I am just procrastinating doing my work.

The End