Boxes and boxes / by Jessica Peterson

This last weekend was the longest ever. My mom moved out of the house we have been in for that last 22 years. I knew it was going to be difficult for me to pack up 22 years of our families history and say goodbye to our childhood home, so I photographed a little bit in hopes it would preserve some of those memories. It was a trip going through boxes of lost treasures.

a favorite book and dress I wore
Bothers karate belts and scout shirt
some old dolls I made and forgot about. Ashley, I had made the white bunny for you, your initials are on the butt.
Jammas Ash made me in Jr High and a Ninja Turtle I got for breaking a bad childhood habbit
Shirt of me, old jammas and a poodle skirt mom made for me for a play in first grade
tiny jacket dad got me when i was a little kiddo

This is my baby blanket, I thought this was long gone but I found it. I guess I really needed it as a kid, It was my one true love, I couldn't do a thing without it.

And the drawings!

Old stuff
Grandma stitched pillow and a blanket that my mommas moms friend had made for her.