Rainy Day / by Jessica Peterson

Today was simple and that is okay with me.

-Woke up and sent resumes and emails out. Hoping they land in the hands of the right people.
-Took Max to the park, I love when it is a little wet outside, he slides around the grass like a clumsy pup.
-Brought out my camera for fun, wanted to document the tiny corners of my day.
-Taught the last class at BYU, it was nice to see the student's work.
-$4 yummy dinner with Stina, Bobert and B.
- Quick stop at the Malt-Shoppe for oreo shake. Took 5 bites and was done.

Like I said, today was simple.
On my shelf:
small hand collection
diagram of the human eye torn from an ancient medical book.

and of course... the dog.
He follows me around all day as if I he was starving and I was a large dripping slab of meat.