A Tuesday / by Jessica Peterson

This morning I found a giant cookie waiting for me on the windshield of my car (thanks Bobby-it was THE best cookie).
Hour commute to work accompanied by rain and a mental gratitude list.
Spent 8 hours with my head next to burning strobe lights, thought to myself the entire time "I should have become a vet"... but not really.
Hour and 20 minute commute home, had one particular song on repeat for about 20 of those minutes, still craving it.
Dinner in a trolley.
Computer malfunction (or jessica malfunction) now I am on backup computer that belongs in the back of the trash bin.
Wanting to sleep and will in a minute after getting my 30 Rock fix.

I spent most of my day in silence, sometimes that needs to happen. Made a
personal inventory...what needs to stay, what needs to go and what is missing.