Yay for what I will make of tomorrow / by Jessica Peterson

(I took these a few days ago while on my way out the door, somehow I hadn't noticed them before and that made me a little sad)

A while back I promised myself I would never again blog late at night but ooops... it's almost 3 am and here I am. I tend to write things I regret when it is this late, lack of censorship and magnified emotions.
I am tired from going full speed in place, does that ever happen to any of you? So tomorrow I will make sure to sleep in, I am going to take myself on a date for a little bit and just catch up on being alive (something I have avoided).

While at work I chitchat with Claire over gchat, most days I quickly make up a pseudo life for myself to let her know who I really am/supposed to be, sometimes I am gemologist or wildlife biologist, sometimes I am at home sewing something for a kid and about to pick tomatoes from my garden for lunch. Today I was okay with being where I was, that was nice.