I can't wait until today has passed / by Jessica Peterson

I'm not sure why I am blogging about this right now...
I have had a very up and down day, but mostly down.  While driving home tonight I was excited to get home, hop into bed and wake up 6 hours later to a new day so I could start everything over but when I got here I came home to a surprise... Max got into the trash which was very full of old food and the bathroom trash which was very full of all sorts of fun bathroom stuff.  He somehow managed to cover every inch of floor with toilet paper, avocado peels, old cake mixes (we cleaned out the pantry of expired goods yesterday into the trash), soggy napkins... you name it, it was smashed into the rugs and sprinkled on the floor.  thank you dog, you know just what to do when I am having a bad day.

Does anyone want a dog?


this is me right now as I type.