I am an imposter. / by Jessica Peterson

I am not a redhead.
If I am ever complemented while in public it is usually for my hair and for some reason I feel bad that I am being complemented on something false so I usually tell the person thank you but it is not really this red. 
Tonight a friend and I went out to dinner and as we were leaving I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and standing behind me is a cute redheaded boy.  I smiled at him and he smiles back then shyly says to me that he likes my hair, but he said it in such as if he were giving me some secret handshake for a club he thinks we both belong to.  He seemed sorta proud, like he met someone from his same tribe or lost culture that few are apart of.  I felt bad and I couldn't make eye contact with him after that and quickly said thanks and shuffled away into the darkness. 
I just wanted to let the world know, that my hair is great but it is not my own, the truth is, is that I do not know the true color of my hair and I am not willing to find out.