Day 4: Good Hope / by Jessica Peterson

Sorry for the lack of post, we haven't has internet for the past few days but I will catch up.
A few days back we visited Good Hope orphanage, once again we were greeted with the warmest of souls.  After visiting the children we discussed how happy the children were, I believe many of us have lost the art of simple pleasures and much is to be learned by these children.    

The living room was small but I admired how warm and friendly they have made it.
Below: the kitchen, so different from what we have back home.  
Later we went with the kids to the school grounds to see the school.
We had a blast playing with the kids on the merry-go-round.


Just hanging out inside the classroom

Once again simple pleasures. 


Later that evening I found this and drank it!

The group on our way to the Masai market