Two Cameras / by Jessica Peterson

I moved into a new home a few weeks ago, I am still in the process of unpacking and making the space my own.  I unpacked a box with all of my toy camera and I found my first SLR camera, it is a Nikon FM10 35mm film camera.  My mom bought it for me when I was 16.  I haven't shot with it in maybe 5 years until today.  I didn't photograph much but it felt really nice to visit where I started.  I shot with old b&w film I had in the box of toy camera and I look forward to getting it developed.  After shooting with the film camera I pulled out my current camera and photographed similar things.  I want to compare the difference, see how they both feel.

My new bedroom. Max. A blanket my best friend made for me a few years ago the sits at the bottom og my bed. I love my new space.  I will post the b&w scans when I get them done, we can compare.