The Mermaid / by Jessica Peterson

Last August I photographed these. 
I had not wanted to even look at these because of the painful memory attached... You see, I have wanted to do an underwater mermaid shoot for years, finally it all came together a few months ago but when we got to the underwater part, things kinda went south... The camera housing was not locked on tight enough and water spilled in and drenched my new 5D camera (it died).  No underwater images and no  camera... So, I am sure you understand why I have not wanted to revisit that day.
Anyway, here are some of the shots before camera decided to depart this earth.
One day soon I will fulfill my dreams and photograph a swimming mermaid.
Until then....

Thank you to the friends who made this possible:
Rachel Clark for makeup
Leah Schreiner for mermaid costume
and Natalie Hess for being so amazingly beautiful