Lunch with Andrew / by Jessica Peterson

I've wanted to start a photo series of my "people".  
To just make some beautiful images of who they are.
I spent the afternoon with Andrew today.  He came over to my house.  We talked for a while, catching up, gossiping and offering advice we both needed.  
I took some portraits of him, it usually takes a while, I like to make sure that if I am taking photos of people that I spend enough time for them to sorta "forget" the camera is there.  I like it when I see the "are we done yet?" face 'cause it's only after that moment people stop posing and I can steal real moments from them.
After pictures we went for lunch when Andrew pulls out of his murse (man purse) an old tape, he was so excited about this tape that he just bought on ebay about dating.  He asked if I had a tape player... guess who got an old 1970's panasonic tape player/recorder for Christmas?!! ME! So we went home and listened to this tape while I downloaded and edited these pics.  It was a blast. 
I liked my afternoon.