SFMOMA: Exposed / by Jessica Peterson

Today I ventured to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to check out the current exhibit Exposed: Voyeurism, surveillance and the camera since 1870.  
It was really interesting to see the different examples of voyeurism, looking in on some of these people's personal lives and the evidence of ones intrusion of another's.  I got to thinking about the blogging/facebooking world, how many of us are willing to expose so much of ourselves, but much of what is revealed is the beautiful, photoshopped, fun, edited parts of ourselves so we can mold the way we are being seen.  It was really refreshing (for lack of a better word) to see something more raw, intelligent and telling, although still not always the "truth" because I am not sure photography is always able to do. 
It was a great show, it was lovely seeing so many great photographers images in print and in person.
I love museums, I love going by myself and at my own pace but I did miss having someone to chat about with it afterwards... So if anyone has already seen it I would love to hear your thoughts.  

Alison Jackson
Jack Road Rage, from the series Confidential
fictional stories made with celebrity look-alike models.
She stated, "I try to highlight the psychological relationship between what we see and what we imagine. This os bound up in out need to look- our voyeurisn - and our need to believe."
Richard Avedon's image of Andy Warhol 
Sohie Calle
I loved her Hotel series, she got a job as a chambermaid in Venice and would photograph the rooms she tended to and the personal object, letters and even what their garbage bins were filled with.  I love that small stories could be created from the tiny details gathered. 
Richard Learoyd
Jasmijn, to the Light
Abelardo Morell
Camera Obscura Image of Maria della Salute with Scaffolding in Palazzo Bedroom
I LOVED these, such an amazing concept and wonderful thing to do. I loved the idea of turning a room into a camera, bringing the outside world in, turning it upside down and then taking a photo of that. 
So brilliant and strange at the same time.