8 years ago... / by Jessica Peterson

I photographed these.
The rolls of film have been sitting in a box for a past 8 years, I have never bothered developing them because I knew that if they were worth anything I would have done that 8 years ago.  I finally got curious enough to develop them, 6 rolls, most were garbage (and one was a little bizarre... sorry Casey haha).  There was one roll that I was really excited to see, while in school we had an assignment to photograph the damage caused by a fire ( I can't remember where the fire was, it may have been Simi Valley?) it was a 4x5 camera class but I must have loosely shot around with my SLR.  I thought some of them came out kinda nice even thought the film has rotted. 

just a flower
Annie (we miss her so)
The road trip to the fire sight, my old car (i miss it so)
this was pretty cool
I am wishing I grabbed that camera and checked to see if there was film in the camera.