Jon Heder and Nick Peterson's Short Film / by Jessica Peterson

 I don't know if many of you know this but I have an extremely talented family, I am grateful for their examples and the push they give me when I feel lame and small.  Well, my oldest brother Nick is a film guy and at the moment he and his friend Jon Heder (aka Napoleon Dynamite, you know, the "my lips hurt real bad" guy) are using Kickstarter to raise some money for a short film project they are planning on shooting soon.  If you have a moment and would like to check it out please do, just click on the link below the image.  The concept of the film is really great, it is about a the relationship between and man and woman, the man brings all things destructive into the relationship and leaves her alone to dwell in the mess, it sounds dark but it will be told in a beautiful and unconventional way... I believe it will be shot live action with stop motion.  Check it out!