Yes, I have a Dog. / by jessica Peterson

I am just a little pathetic when it comes to my dog max.  He has made my life hell, cleaned out my savings account a few times from crazy vet bills, eaten more of my belongings than could fill a room and he smells like a dirty rag, even after he is bathed... 

I want to be clear that I am not a "cat-lady" and he is not a substitute for children or a husband, (although I want like 5 babies and maybe a few husbands) he is just a creature that I love dearly, who comes with me to the studio each day, gets sad when I am gone too long and sleeps at the foot of my bed each night. He really is a wonderful little guy.  Today was busy and loud and once the studio got quiet he was there to keep me company.  Photographed him with some instants in hopes I will still have him with me when he grows old and goes away.