Passing on my favorite memories / by jessica Peterson

I love my family.  I really, really love them and would rather be hunkered away in a house just absorbing their presence than almost anywhere.  This last week I was each one of them, this is a very rare experience and has been for the majority of my life.  At the moment I have a growing army of nieces and nephews and each one fills my little soul with unmeasurable joy... 

I love passing on my favorite childhood memories to the kids.  I think of the way I felt when my Aunt JoJo held me and told me how much she loved me, how special I felt when she gave me her cat book (I was once crazy for kitties) or bought me special Barbie cereal when I came to visit.  I have sweet memories with my own mother, when she made her bed in the mornings and I would crawl under the sheets as she waved them over the bed, those sheets seemed magical when combined with my mother's laughter and love.  

Below is me attempting to pass my love along. I hope it worked and I hope E will look back at this week and remember that her Aunt Jessica is crazy for her.