Just when you thought you were too old for toys. / by jessica Peterson

I like to peruse through ACME Camera CO in Sugarhouse.  I love the store, it's like Cheers (where at least the owner knows me name).  I saw this what I thought was lame contraption Fujifilm polaroid printer.  I mean what is the fun of just printing the crap you already shot and then again in another medium.  I decided to rent it anyway.  HOLY SHMOLY. I love it. I have had so much fun saying goodbye to all of my dollars as I print the love from my phone to little tangible baby photos. 

I know it's over done, over said, contrite, fatigued, overcooked, strained and exhausted by so many girls today BUT GOSH DAMN IT, I LOVE IMAGERY. I LOVE IT. I LOVE DRAWING AND TAKING AND CREATING AND FEELING AND GETTING PISSED OFF AND FIND LOVE AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. If I swore more freely this post would be much more wordy and passionate but I know my mother would be sad and she always tells me no one wants to marry a woman to swears like a sailor. 

God is great when you open yourself up to him and stop trying to tell him what you want.  If you are patient, he will open a path for you. I am on that path. I feel it. I love it. It is not easy. But here I go.